"Rust" and "Human Highway"
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The 2003 International Rust Fest!

Thursday Oct 23rd thru Sunday Oct 26th


The International Rust Fest is an annual gathering of members of the "Rust" and "Human Highway" email lists of Neil Young fans. It is open to all list members, their friends, and families.

Events & Dates for IRF 2003

Alice's Restaurant   - Thursday, October 23rd, 6PM
The OPL Acoustic Jam  - Thursday, October 23rd  9PM
Lunch at The Catalyst   Friday, October 24 Noon - 2PM
The IRF Rustie Jam  - Friday, October 24th
Bridge Benefit Concert  - Saturday, October 25th
Bridge Benefit Concert  - Sunday, October 26th


 A Fireman's Newbie Guide by Chuck Naughton
Last Pilgrimage of the Millennium by Reactor 

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