The Raffle

For those of you not familiar with this, it is a raffle held annually in conjunction with
the gathering of Rusties, Zumans, Les Gens Ordinaire, German Rust Ring,
and anyone else wishing  to "come on down" to the redwood forest of CA.
Last year, there was approx $1100 raised through the kindness and caring shown.

The chances  can also be purchased sans attendance via mail
  Raffle donations, both cash and prizes, are graciously
  accepted. All money raised goes to The Bridge School.  An example
  of a prize would be anything that is Neil/CSN related such as an old vinyl
  record, memorbelia,  a promise of a show from your list, or any other
  thing that you care to donate which includes non Neil music as well. 

This raffle is a fun thing each year. 
Anyone not knowing what The Bridge School is, it is the school
  that Neil and Pegi Young founded. The school works with individuals with
severe communicative and physical disabilities. Through modern technology
 the school helps it's students to achieve their full potential.             
Here is a link to the school: The Bridge School

About Us 
This is the seventh annual International Rust Fest.
  We attend the Bridge School Benefit as a group. It is held at
Shoreline Amphitheater in Shoreline, CA.
  The Rules
  The rules are few and simple:
  You need not be present to win. Participation by non-attendees   is encouraged!
  The cost of each chance to win is $1.
  Volume discount: 12 chances for $10
  The drawing will be held at IRFY2K3. The winners will be posted to
  Rust and Human Highway as soon as possible following the event.
  The deadline for advance purchases, by mail, is 15 Oct 2003 
  (your stubs will be put in an envelope and babysat at IRF)
  Any $$$ received here, after IRF, will go into the IRF raffle fund.
  Chances may be purchased at IRFY2K3 right up until the time of the drawing.
  In the past six years, people throw away their ticket stubs after the
raffle is over. I am writing to tell everyone who has bought/will buy tickets
NOT to throw away their stubs.

******* There is a drawing for the grand

*returnable each yr by the present winner* prize. 

Last yr, Paul Stevens won the privilege of
keeping this etched MORE BARN mirror.  He took the Rustie Pledge to
safely return it to IRF this year.   Paul will draw the winning ticket for it
as well as administer the pledge to the winner.  Paul didn't know this but now he does ;-^
  Tickets will be predawn some before dinner and some after dinner.
Prizes with winning #'s will be available at Hilltop at the prize table to the left of the top of the stairs.
It is your responsibility to take the time to read the numbers and see if you won.
If you are a winner, you may pick up your prize at the prize table during the
evening. Also those of you who are bringing your  prize donation, please drop
it at the registration table. See instructions below.  It will make things easier.  
People not in attendance, who donated goods, like to know who won. 
  *******TWO NOTES THIS YEAR ****** 

First, if you are donating a prize or prizes,
( and you are NOT attending IRF/BSB), you must first let me know
  what you are donating in order for me to index and label it. I have also decided
that it is too difficult to accept prizes that are *dumped* on the table the day of the
raffle.  The prizes are appreciated but if you do not tell me in advance what you are
donating, it makes too much extra work to index and label on the day of the raffle.
Once that you tell me what you are bringing, I will assign you a number. Please
have your prize labeled with that number when you bring it to IRF or send the prize to Linda.

**** If you wish to remain anonymous as a donor, please let me know that too.
If you can't attend the IRF but want to participate in the raffle (or if you
just want to purchase your chances ahead of time), send all cash
contributions to:
  Kathy Popple
  13 Gardner St
  Whitesboro NY 13492
  Secondly, Linda Nadolski has so graciously offered to accept non cash raffle
  donations.  She has offered to accept these packages due to the
  fact that I fly out.  It makes it difficult for me to bring them with me.It
will make things easier for Linda if you clearly write " IRFY2K3
  Prize" on your package as well as your assigned #  ..Please, again,  let me
know what your donation will be so that I can record it and give you a number
  Here is her addy:
Linda Nadolski
4111 Jackpine Rd
Shingle Springs , CA 95682
  Thank you all in advance
  Peace, Music, and IRFY2K3
  Kathy Popple
  IRFY2K3 Raffle Chairperson
  With a huge roll of raffle tickets ready to goooooooooo.

The Prizes

Items 1 - 11 are anonymous donations
1) Relix magazine for Aug/Sept with cover story on Neil

2) Neil Young complete Music book Vol I ( 1966- 1969)----put of print

3)  Neil Young complete Music Book Vol II with music for DBTR, LAH, LMYR, Ohio, Helpless, Hey Hey, I Am a Child

4) Csny Music book with music for Carry On, 4 & 20, Guennevere, Long Time Gone, Marrakesh Express, Suite: JBE, Teach Your Children, Wooden Ships, Woodstock

5) Rolling Stone 2 June 1988, Neil is on cover plus interview with Neil inside

6) Vinyl single promo "Weight Of The World"

7) Vinyl single promo " People On The Street"

8) Vinyl single promo " Long Walk Home"

9)  Vinyl singel promo " Touch The Night"

10 ) Reprise CD single "Change Your Mind" from Sleeps with Angels &
Discoveries Magizine 7/2002 Buffalo Springfield on Cover

11) Reprise 2 song CD Be The Rain/Bandit & "Show Bill" of Greendale picked
up at the Boston show 9/10/03

12 A small banner of a Neil related nature donated by Lou " More To The Picture" Cheffy

13) An 11x 31 banner of Live Rust donated by Lou " More To The Picture" Cheffy

14) An 8 x 10 Farm Aid '03 shot of Neil

15) An 8 x 10 Farm Aid ' 03 shot of Neil

16) Relix magazine with Neil on th cover..donated by Floyd " POC" Meadows

17) Pulse Magazine wih Neil on the cover donated by Flod " POC" Meadows

18) Greendale showbill and a bumpersticker that reads " Where the heck is Greendale?" donated by Floyd "POC" Meadows

19) FA 99 /Phoenix Fest 96/ Farm Aid V/  anonymous donor

20) Atlantic city newspaper with Neil in it on the day that he was appearing at Taj Mahal donated by Jilly " Sweet Sweet Smile" Seagraves

21)  Atlantic City Greendale showbill donated by Jilly " SSS" Seagraves

22) Atlantic City showbill donated by Jilly "SSS" Seagraves 

23)  Atlantic City showbill donated by Jilly " SSS" Seagraves

24) NY memory collage poster donated by Dave

25) NY memory collage poster donated by Dave

26) A pick of five shows from her list donated by Meleya Ballou

27) A framed 45 of Southern Pacific donated by Tom " My Old Corvette" Therme

28)  Another goodie donated by Tom "MOC" Therme

29)  A CD donated by Bridgette Twilight

30) A Greendale CD donated by Dennis Widdows

31) STOP FACTORY FARMS -red one like Neil wears at Farm Aid-donated by Cthy "dance dance dance" Harris

32)Farm Aid '03 Program-donated by Kathy"HGS" Popple

33) '99 Solo Tour East/West tshirt designed by Mo Mo. This shirt has sayings from every concert.......donated by Kathy"HGS" Popple and Les Gens Ordinaire.

34) 5 shows from his list donated by Jean-Paul" Young Billy" Pellicant

35) One ARF tshirt donated by an anonymous donor

36) A Greendale Handbill donated by an anonymous donor

37) A More Barn Cap  donated by Sylvaine and Les Gens Ordinaires

38) More Barn tshirt donated by Brad "More Barn" Brandeau

39) More Barn sweatshirt donated by Brad " More Barn" Brandeau

40) "Mansion On the Hill" book donated by triple dancin' Cathy Harris

41) "Neil Young Appreciation Society"  1 yr membership donated by Scott Sandy

42) "Neil Young Appreciation Society" 1 yr membership donated by Alexander " Down by the River" Heller-Elspass

43) Neil Slo Mug donated by Ellen "Oh Sweet Lady" Sway

44) YOTH tshirt donated by Ellen "oh sweet lady" Sway

45) YOTH poster donated by Ellen "Oh Sweet Lady" Sway

46)  A special Rust Pillow donated by Anonymous

47) BSB 10th aniv. T shirt Adult Large (I donated this last year- # 47

48) MOJO mag 12-95 Neil on cover

 49) Album Network mag 3/02 Neil AYP full back cover ad--

 50) Book- Neil Young- a dreamer Of Pictures" by David Downing- 

 51) 3 cd set- "Tribute- Les Gens Ordinares" 

 52) YOTH postcard 

 53) CD- NY Differently promo single

 54) CD NY are You Passionate" advanced release

 55) CD Beck "Mutations"
 56) VHS Sleep With angels Promo release-

 57) YOTH postcard

updated 10/21/2003