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Topic Who to ask
Camping at Saratoga Springs Chuck  "A Fireman " Naughton
IRF Registration "Sweet, Sweet, Smile" Jill & Deb "Rewriting The Rules"
The OPL Rustie Acoustic Jam Bill "On The Beach" Shaw
The Friday Evening Communal Meal Deb "Rewriting The Rules" or Chuck  "A Fireman " Naughton
The Friday Evening Rustie Jam Bill "On The Beach" Shaw
The Bridge School Benefit Raffle Kathy "Hippy Girl Smile"
The Bridge School Benefit Rust Row Sheila "Lookout Mama"
The IRF Web Site Rick "rides a Harley" Rentler
Any other questions or comments? Chuck  "A Fireman " Naughton

Last updated on Sept 27, 2003.