The Neil Young Online Community

The 2017 International Rust Festival!

a.k.a. IRF XXI

Thursday Oct 19, 2017 and Friday Oct 20, 2017

The International Rust Fest is an annual gathering
of the RUST (Neil Young fans) Community
including Rusties from the old "Rust List" and "Human Highway" groups.
It is open to all Rusties, their friends, and families.

Although there is no Bridge School Benefit Concert this year, IRF continues on...
This year we celebrate 25 years of RUST !

Festivities will take place in Half Moon Bay on Thursday and Friday.

Friday afternoon, Neil Young's friend and album cover artist
James Mazzeo will be meeting rusties at a lunch in Santa Cruz.

The rest of the weekend is open for you to explore the San Francisco Bay Area,
see local concerts, visit with friends, and/or travel elsewhere.


IRF Jam Video Player

Video by Linda Lindsay  (Oct 2010)

Events & Dates

The OPL 'Rustie' Acoustic/Electric  Jam - Thursday, October 19, 6/7 pm till closing
Lunch with Mazzeo in Santa Cruz - Friday, October 20, 1pm till 3pm
The Rust Fest Feast w/ Live Rustie Music - Friday, October 20, 6 pm till closing

Please Pre-Register for the Fest!

2017 / IRF 21 T-shirt

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designed by: Geoff Moore

Got a question?
Here's who to ask...

Topic Who to ask
IRF Registration Harry "a pipe to share" Oesterreicher
The OPL Rustie Acoustic/Electric Jam   Marilyn Miller
The Friday Evening Jam at Cameron's Marilyn Miller
The Rust Fest Raffle Linda "she just slips away" Nadolski
The IRF Web Site Harry "a pipe to share" Oesterreicher
Any other questions or comments? Harry "a pipe to share" Oesterreicher

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